True Horsemanship Through Feel

By Bill Dorrance, Leslie Desmond
True Horsemanship Through Feel

Started reading: 9th April 2010
Finished reading: 16th August 2010


Rating: 10

Tom Dorrance’s book, “True Unity” has long been considered the Bible for trainers in the “Natural Horsemanship” school of thought. It lays out Tom’s fundamental philosophy and describes how he saw the world.

But while it is a source of Deep Insight, the book is fundamentally flawed. For starters, it is written in a very dense style. Second, it contains very few practical examples of how to translate the principles into methods. This means that while it is valuable for the experienced horseman, it is less so for the novice.

Which is where “True Horsemanship Through Feel” steps in. The book serves as an excellent introduction (or maybe sequel) to Tom’s work. It takes the often difficult to understand principles in True Unity and shows what methods can be used to achieve the results. Even better, the description are down to earth, easy to follow, and usually contains pictures.

Bill Dorrance and Leslie Desmond have covered all of the basics (and most of the advanced topics). From the time you first approach your horse to asking for collection, it’s all here.

For that reason, True Horsemanship Through Feel is a must-have for any horseman. There are three horse books that sit on my book-shelf and to which I refer constantly: 1) Tom Dorrance’s “True Unity”, 2) Ray Hunt’s “Think Harmony With Horses”, and 3) Bill Dorrance’s “True Horsemanship Through Feel.”