Blackwater: The World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

By Jeremy Scahill
Blackwater: The World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Started reading: 1st January 2010
Finished reading: 29th January 2010


Rating: 5

The book starts off as an interesting look at the privatization of war. Late into the presidency of Bush I and throughout the entire presidency of Bush II, there was a tremendous push to privatize the armed services. This included backend operations, such as food and supply services; but it also included protection and some combat roles. Scahill’s book chronicles how some of these roles were taken up by a large company based in the swamps of North Carolina.

While interesting, the book is a deliberate hatchet job. At more than one point, Scahill makes accusations without evidence. Moreover, he deliberately uses left-wing buzz-words: “right wing causes”, “religious right”, “zealot” that have no conventional meaning. And the book closes in the middle of the story. What has happened to Blackwater since the change of power in Washington? Are the futures still bright and limitless?

I see that the author has already revised the work once. It might be good if he were to revise it a second time.