| December 8, 2008 10:22 pm

When I was a junior in high school, I started a journal. While it started out as a private place to lodge my secrets and silly thoughts, it later evolved into something else. That journal went with me to a bunch of different places. I carried it through most of Idaho, Wyoming, as well as parts of Montana and California. It saw parts of England and Scotland and then spent more than two years in South America.

In that time, it stopped collecting my thoughts and started collecting stories and illustrations. I’ve always liked to scribble. Sometime during 1999 I decided that I needed some rules for this book. Here’s how they went:

  1. I would add one story or thought to the journal each month.
  2. Each page of the journal would have at least one drawing which related to the content of the story, in some way.

While I’ve had that little book for over ten years, I can happily say that I have kept my rules. The little journal has, thus, collected quite a few stories. Some of them are mine, a lot of them aren’t. Some are true and some are fiction. Part of the fun in reading them is trying to guess which are true and which are not.

While I’ve never loaned my little book out, some people have expressed a very sincere desire to read them. I’ve had some time in the last few months, and I have finally gotten around to fulfilling that request. As a result, you will start to see some of those stories posted here (in as much of their illustrated glory as I can manage). Please look and handle with anything but care (isn’t electronic publication wonderful?).



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