| January 16, 2009 2:26 pm

I love the winter and I love the spring.  What I do not love, however, is the period between the two.  It is more than somewhat ironic that we are having a spate of warmer than normal temperatures out here in Rocky Mountain Country and the east is locked in a bitter cold spell.  When it’s cold, I can do things I enjoy.  I like skiing and cold means good snow.  I like horseback riding and there are few things more exhilarating than riding through a field of light dusty powder.  When you get periods of warm mixed with cold (like our weather of late), however, you get two things I loathe and despise: mud and ice.

Ice ruins everything; it’s slippery and dangerous and even worse, it melts!  Do you know what melting ice and the questionable mixture of dirt, straw, sawdust and other “stuff” found at most barns forms?  If the simple answer, mud, springs to mind; please re-think it.  Mud doesn’t come close to the reality.  Mud brings to mind mud-pies and the days of childhood.  Oh no, ice + barn dirt forms a vile sludge.  Comparing normal mud to barn sludge is like comparing play-doh to the Blob.

Barn sludge is mud with the character still on.  If life crawled out of a big steaming pot of goo, it’s that type of mud.  It has sawdust, masticated and gastriculated grass, and whatever else comes out of the business end of the horse.  Barn sludge is the raw building environment of cellular natural selection.  When dry, this mud can be used for buildings and braining people you don’t care for.  Then, there’s the color.  Given some of its unmentionable contents, it’s a just off green and sometimes steams.

Oh … and did I mention that because it gets cold that it also freezes?  A truly perfect combination: ice frozen shit in the morning and mud in the afternoon.  Its neither safe nor pleasant to ride in.  So, while a warm spell is sometimes pleasant; give me cold weather in January anytime.


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