| September 28, 2010 2:26 pm

Note: The normal programming of the website is still temporarily on hold in an effort to finish the Open Source Writing book.  I fully intend to pick things up very soon, but I must first send a finished draft to my editor/publisher.  They’ve been very patient and I’ve been irresponsible.

While I am trying to work in seclusion (or at least a reasonable approximation thereof) in order to finish the Open Source Writing Book, I put together a layout that I wanted to share.  (Mostly because I liked it and thought it cool.)

It covers the typographical niceties that distinguish a typesetting system from a traditional Word Processor and will appear in the “Writing and Editing” chapter of the book as a double page spread.  (In this layout, the material appears as a single, long-form poster.)  I’d love to hear people’s comments, thoughts or suggestions.  Particularly if there are any additional elements that I missed and you think might be included.

You can download a PDF version here.  Many thanks to Dario Taraborelli for creating his wonderful essay, the Beauty of LaTeX, from which this layout borrows heavily.

The poster is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share and Share Alike license.  Copyright 2010, Rob Oakes.  Some Rights Reserved.

Typographical Detail


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menelic wrote a comment on September 29, 2010

Hi Rob,

Godspeed for the final touches! Your book is much anticipated and much needed – as an academic activist who likes to advertise OO, Zotero, lyx and inkscape (preferrably in an ubuntu environment). I can’t wait to learn from your book, recommend it (for now I’m left with recommending your OS writing blog posts) and pass on the knowledge. I know you cant be too sure, but as I am preparing a presentation for a university department, it would be extremely great to know:

When will the book be out? (even approx date would be great)

Will it be available as ebook?

Can’t wait to get it!

Rob Oakes wrote a comment on September 29, 2010

@menelic: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I really appreciate them. Here’s the best answers I can provide to your questions.

“When will the book be out?”

Right now, my best guess is the beginning of the year. I have promised upon bibles, Korans and other holy books to have the manuscript draft finished by mid-October. And to my own shock and horror, I am somewhat on track to make that deadline. (The next few weeks will be miserable, but I will be finished and that will be wonderful.) After that, it really depends on what sort of rewrites the publisher wants.

“Will it be available as an ebook?”

Yes. It will be available as PDF and probably as ePub. The last I had heard, they were hoping to publish via Kindle, iPad and Barnes&Noble electronic book stores. The eBook will be available before the printed version. (Though the printed version will be awesome because it is in high resolution and color. As I’ve gone a bit overboard with the artwork, these things matter to me.)

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