| December 14, 2010 3:15 am

AccordionNote: Still working on the book.

Though I am still wrapped up in the book, it is finally starting to succumb!  I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

That means that the month of January is going to be a big month.  There will likely be a new release of Time Drive (with file syncing), an alpha test of LyX-Outline, and the release of a lot of typography related resources.

It should be awesome! (I believe that in some industries, it is referred to as a “data dump.”)

Knowing that it is coming, I am starting to rev-up for it.  The new version of Time Drive includes some pretty big changes and LyX-Outline has the potential to be a mess.  For that reason, I’d like to have a place for me to exchange information with users, and for users to exchange to help one another. I’d also like a place to hang-out with cool people that are interested in nifty things.

To whit, I decided to create some actual, honest, and real community/discussion forums.  You can find them at www.oak-tree.us/mingle-forum/.

I spent a lot of time working on them, therefore, I hope that they’re helpful, and pretty, and awesome.  If you use Time Drive or LyX-Outline; or, if you care about art, design, typography, or open source, feel free to please come over, chat, and share.  Community forums only work if there is a community that uses them, so, here’s hoping that this community will be spectacular.


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