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Note: Still working on the book.

You don’t pretend to be a writer without enjoying a well turned phrase, or a clever and subtle joke.  It’s part and parcel to the identity.

Nor do you discriminate.  A true creative understands that insight can be found anywhere.  But, to be honest, there’s a bit of hierarchy.  (Stereotypes usually come from somewhere).  It’s generally true that an editorial piece published in Time will be more insightful than one published in the Daily Banana, or, that a novel published from a major publishing house has less typos then one from a vanity press.

While we might quibble about the various rankings of different sources, it’s generally agreed that at the bottom of the quality scale is ad-copy. Well … that and fan-fiction.

Most ad-copy is garbage.  It’s disposable, temporary, and exists to make the design look good.  Every once in a while, though, you come across a spectacular exception, such as the material below from ItyBiz,.

This marketing blurb, which is promoting a series of free courses, is awesome.  It’s clever and funny (though not necessarily subtle). Most importantly, though, it’s effective.  Because it’s interesting, it grabs your attention and leaves you breathlessly waiting for me.

It got me to sign up for the free course, mostly because I wanted to see more.  If there had been an option to pay, I would have even put down money for it.  It is, in a word, great writing.

Note: I’ve edited the copy slightly. The full version can be found here.

Free Marketing Courses

Well hello there. Didn’t you come at a good time? Clever person.

We are delighted to announce the much talked about (and, frankly, much procrastinated) FREE MARKETING COURSES!! (I’m a little excited. Can you tell? All of my normal jaded cynicism is disintegrating as I type.)

So, right. Yes. Free marketing courses. Back on topic. We have a five part email course custom made for YOU, in YOUR industry. Whatever your crazy thing is, we have a crazy marketing course for you.

Marketing for Touchy Feely Airy Fairy Woo Woo Service Providers

I am guessing that you would like to close your office door, put on some soothing music, and softly hum until the clients come to you. Then they’ll tell their friends about you and their friends will send you some money as well, and you will never actually have to utter what you do for a living out loud. Am I right? Have I got it so far?

Marketing for Bloggers: How to Get More Asses in the Seats

You’re reading the blogs. You know the ones. The ones that tell you how you can make six figure Adsense checks? And how to recommend a few products and you can make a few grand a month in affiliate payments? But the part they didn’t get around to mentioning was how to get the people to your blog in the first place. Yeah. We hate that.

Marketing for Coaches and Consultants

Do you remember when you first got into the business of helping people, and you heard about the other guys in your industry making an hourly wage that would pay off your mortgage? And you look back at it and give a little rueful chuckle and think, “I’ll settle for half of that if I can just get some damn clients!” Mmm hmm. Yeah, you’re not the only one.

Marketing for Designers and Other Artsy Fartsy Types

Maybe you went to art school or design school. Maybe you just hang out with people who did. Either way, you’ll know how weird it gets when money comes up. Somewhere along the line, you were quietly promised a life of loft apartments and filterless cigarettes and never having to think about, God help us, SELLING this stuff. Eew.

Marketing for Writers and Wordsmiths

When you were younger, you imagined what writing would be like. Maybe you imagined ink stained fingers, maybe the whirr and click of an IBM Selectric. Maybe — holy banoli! — the orange glow of a 486. You knew it wouldn’t be an easy ride. You knew it would be tough. You just didn’t know it would be THIS tough.

Marketing for Geeks and Techie Types

You like code. And numbers. And things that make sense. You dig databases and back ends and compiling stuff. You do not dig things that seem wildly illogical and emotional and impractical like how to make people feel nice when they’re sending you money. This one’s for people who speak Geek.


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