| December 24, 2010 4:52 pm

Note: Still working on the book.

While at the book store yesterday, I came across a marvelous collection of photographs by wildlife photographer, Nick Brandt.  I’m not sure whether to call On This Earth: Photographs from East Africa a book of wildlife/landscape photography or a collection of classical portraiture and composition that happens to incorporate animals.  Brandt does a mesmerizing job of capturing both the surroundings and the personality of the animals he photographs.

Suffice it to say, I decided to pick myself up a gift.  After spending most of the morning studying the composition and contrast in the images, I am glad that I did.

(A side benefit was the ability to read the beautiful foreword by Alice Sebold, introduction by Jane Goodall, and afterword by Nick Brandt.  These can also be found on the photographer’s website.)

Note: The images below are both from Brandt’s first book, “A Shadow Falls,” as well as from “On This Earth.”




Giraffes at Play


Lion Couple


Savannah Vista




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Is there any way I can purchase this calander.

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