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2011 Calendar - Africa January

Over the past week, I’ve been helping a non-profit put together a yearly thank-you calendar.  I’ve been using Scribus, and so far, it’s been going very smoothly.

Scribus includes a nifty “Calendar Wizard” that lets you generate date grids for any month or year.  But though the Calendar Wizard works well, I found that it didn’t support all of the features that I would like.  Therefore, I spent a little bit of time and put together my own template.

In addition to a date grid, the template includes modified styles for the weeks, days and months (set to use the Linux Libertine typeface); the lunar phases; common North American Holidays; and miniature calendars for the preceding and following months.  I’ve also added image placeholders for all of the different pages.

Using this template, you should be able to create a  handsome, interesting calendar in almost no-time.  Though I had a “fine arts” feel in mind, it seems to work well with funny cat-pictures.  The sample pages shown here were all created from the template.

Because it might be of interest/benefit to other people, I thought that I would post the template here.  The download file below includes everything required to make the template work.

To install, copy it to your Scribus Templates folder.  (The templates folder is included in your Scribus user folder.  For Linux users, this is usually a folder called “.scribus” in your home directory.  If you wish, you can change it from the “Preferences” dialog.)  Because the template was created with Scribus 1.3.9, you will need that version or the upcoming 1.4.0 to make it work.


2011 Scribus Calendar Template (Formal).  A formal calendar template for users of Scribus covering January to December 2011.  The template includes a calendar grid, the lunar phases, miniature calendars for the preceding and following months, and common holidays.  By default, it uses Linux Libertine as the typeface, though this can be adjusted using the available styles.  (Typeface bundled with the template.)

The template is released under a creative commons, attribution, share and share-a-like license.  If you make any changes or enhancements to the layout, please be kind enough to provide a link in the forum.  That way, everyone can benefit.

Example Layouts

2011 Calendar - page0062011 Calendar - page005

2011 Calendar - page009

2011 Calendar - page011

2011 Calendar - page013

(The images in the examples were taken from Wikimedia Commons and from the Creative Commons photos posted on Flickr, though I converted them to black/white.  You can probably tell that I’ve been pretty influenced by Nick Brandt.  These are not the images that will be used in the thank-you calendar, just pictures I’ve been using to practice photo-manipulation techniques.)


10 Responses to “2011 Calendar Scribus Template”

tomas wrote a comment on December 29, 2010

Nice work, excelent photos

keith wrote a comment on December 29, 2010


Thanks. This is a nice looking calendar you have put together. I have been playing with both the Scribus wizard and a Gimp plugin and both are very nice to have but what you have here looks a little more like what I am looking for.

Neat site, gonna bookmark it.


a.l.e wrote a comment on December 30, 2010

Hi Rob,

Wonderful work!

Just one thought: when you mention the version of scribus, I would sugges yout to write “and will work with the upcoming 1.4” instead of mentioning the SVN version… that way your post will have a longer relevance!

Rob Oakes wrote a comment on December 30, 2010

Hi a.le.,

Thank you for the recommendation. I just made the change. Is the SVN version going to become the 1.4.0 version or the version after 1.4?

I was under the impression that they are separate development efforts where the 1.3.9 was relatively stable and in bug-fixing mode while 1.5 was for new features.

Oh, and thank you for a marvelous program.

Snikt79 wrote a comment on January 20, 2011

Thank you for this template. Exactly what i wanted to put my photos on it.

KlausD wrote a comment on November 14, 2011

very interesting template. Many thanks! Would like to create a calendar for 2012 with scribus 1.4.0 rc6 on Linux openSuSE 11.4. Can you tell me how to activate your template?

Rob Oakes wrote a comment on November 30, 2011

Hi Klaus,

You might be better served by just creating a calendar using the Scribus wizard. I am currently working on a 2012 calendar for friends and family, and I will post the files as a template when finished, but that won’t be for several weeks. There are many things on the to-do list in front of it.



Christian Raynor wrote a comment on November 30, 2016

So this is not actually a real template, in that you would be able to update the year to sat, 2017.

Christian Raynor wrote a comment on November 30, 2016

So this is not actually a real template, in that you would be able to update the year to say, 2017.

Christian Raynor wrote a comment on November 30, 2016

Waste of time

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