| January 13, 2011 9:59 pm

Note: Still working on the book.

Since working on the Africa 2011 Calendar, I’ve found myself taking a thoroughly unhealthy interest in calendars of all types.  This includes highly innovative ones in addition to those of the more mundane variety.  In the process, I’ve learned an interesting lesson.  Calendars are a peculiar type of document.

Unlike a book or another piece of promotional material, they are typically meant to be part of the background. A good calendar really shouldn’t call very much attention to itself.  It should blend into the room or office, and should simple be there.  At the same time, it needs to be transcendent, functional, and inspiring. A calendar which raucously demands your attention is also a calendar which finds itself taken down and put away.  But if it’s not beautiful … then … what’s the point?

Perhaps that is why I am so impressed with the “Year of Light” calendar, created by Kristopher Grunert.  It is simultaneously stunning, functional, and interesting.  A wonderful calendar, which also doubles as a very attractive set of wallpaper. (You might also print it and hang it on your wall, in which case it would be marvelous wall-art.)

Year of Light - 2011-01

Year of Light - 2011-02

Year of Light - 2011-03

Year of Light - 2011-04

Year of Light - 2011-05

Year of Light - 2011-06

Year of Light - 2011-07

Year of Light - 2011-08

You can download the entire calendar from Kristopher’s website, here.


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