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The other day, I wrote about my love of engravings and scratchboard illustrations. Since then, I’ve stumbled across an artist who’s work is absolutely amazing and simply must be shared. His name is Alexandre Farto (also known as Vhils).

Vhils is well known for the stunning nature of his work (huge, building sized portraits), but what I found fascinating was how he creates them. He peels away the top layer of whatever material he’s working on in order to expose the layers underneath.

In essence, he works in scratchboard. Except the board is a building. This technique gives new meaning to the term, “Revealing the face within.”


Vhils working on a framed portrait.

Mural located in Downtown Los Angeles, by Vhils.

Mural located in Downtown Los Angeles. Image Source: The Dirt Floor.

Mural located in Downtown Los Angeles, by Vhils. Shows the size and scope of the image.

Portrait in the Wall

Alley Portrait

Parking Lot Terror

Thoughtful and Pensive


One thing that I also love about Vhil’s work is the subject matter that he chooses. Without exception, his portraits contain strong and fascinating people, usually those of the elderly. In this way, the subject seems to match the medium, making it all that more interesting.

Images from colormute, feeldesain, fayeandco, oi-you, sweet-station.


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