| November 25, 2011 7:47 pm

KDE just published their newsletter for Quarter 3 2011. It covered the Desktop Summit, held in Berlin during the summer. Working on this edition was quite a bit of fun due to the joint nature of the summit and the location. Berlin has a wonderful history in design, from the Bauhaus school to the grunge design of the 1990s. It was fun to pay homage to the German School. You can download a PDF copy of the report here.


2 Responses to “KDE e.V. Newsletter – 3rd Quarter 2011”

Dave MH wrote a comment on December 18, 2011

This looks awesome. Did you use Scribus or something else?

O.T.: I found your blog through a forum post that mentioned LyX-Outline. Looking forward to trying that out…

Rob Oakes wrote a comment on December 18, 2011

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the kind words. It was just done in Scribus. The artwork was made in Inkscape and then imported as vectors.

Regarding LyX-Outline, it’s under active development and I hope to have an alpha quality release soon. The source is available from https://launchpad.net/lyx-outline if you’d like to try it out in the meantime, though you do have to compile it yourself. (I haven’t found time to work through the packaging system for Ubuntu or related Linux distros yet.)



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