About – Rob Oakes

Rob and Tree (2005) This website is a place for me to write about topics of interest.  This includes Medicine, Philosophy, Religion, Sports, History, Science, or Horse Training. It is also where I collect and post things of interest. These might be examples of “Beautiful Evidence,” exceptional pieces of craft, inspiring (or funny) quotes, or other things that might be classified as “shiny.”

Over the past ten years, I’ve done a variety of things. This includes working as a Horse Trainer, Research Engineer at the University of Utah, and miscellaneous freelancer. While at the University of Utah, I had ties to Pediatrics, Bioengineering, Cardiology, and Radiology.  More information about my exploits in science can be found on the Science and Technology page.  This includes a current copy of my curriculum vitae.

At present, I am moonlighting as a computer programmer, university instructor, freelance artist, photographer, consultant, and sometimes journalist.  I’m busily working on two books, which should be released early next year.

As you browse about, please take a minute to visit the “Beautiful Things” gallery and the “Books” page. If you see some something you like, please leave a comment. I always love to hear from like-minded (or just eclectic) people.

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As this blog covers information from a variety of topics, it is quite likely that some of the information might interest and fascinate you and a lot of it will not. For this reason, I decided to separate RSS feeds based on topic.



Should you want to chat about horses, science, medicine, writing, or publishing; please send me an email at RobertSOakes@msn.com.  Questions about LyX-Outline or Time Drive should be sent to LyX-Devel@oak-tree.us.