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Installing Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu Linux is one of the most popular distributions of Linux. It can be commonly found in corporations, universities, laboratories, and software development houses. This video walks you through how to install Windows Ubuntu on a VMware virtual machine. It also shows how to install the VMware tools extensions to better integrate the guest machine with the host.

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Installing Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu comes in two distinct flavors: desktop and server. While the desktop version has been streamlined with an emphasis on ease of installation, the server version assumes a more technically savvy user. This video walks you through how to install Ubuntu server in a virtual machine. It also describes the steps needed to install and configure the virtual guest additions, VMware tools.

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Windows Server 2008

Installing Windows Server

Windows Server 2008 is Microsoft’s latest server operating system. This video walks you through how to install Windows Server 2008 on a VMware virtual machine. It covers both the full version and Server-Core.

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Creating and Managing Custom Windows Images with ImageX and Windows PE

The ability to create custom installation images and deploy them to other machines is a very handy skill. If you are working in a large environment, you can create a master image with all of the tools needed for your work that could be used on all of your hardware. In this series of videos, I will explain how you can use ImageX and Windows PE to create custom images and deploy them.

Part 1. Installing WinPE and ImageX.

Part 2. Creating a Custom WinPE Disk.

Part 3. Capturing a Custom Image and Deploying It to a New Machine.

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DNS and DHCP in Windows

This tutorial gives a brief introduction to virtual networks, how to configure virtual network adapters, and the workings of DNS and DHCP.

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Active Directory

Active Directory is one of the most pervasive technologies in the Windows networking world (with good reason). This tutorial introduces Active Directory, shows how to set it up, and add additional servers to the domain.

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Virtualization Basics: Networks

Virtualization technology is one of the most powerful tools that technologists have at their disposal. This video introduces a few of the general concepts of virtualization, especially as they apply to networking. It also takes a look at some of the most popular virtualization products — VMware Workstation, Fusion, and VirtualBox — and how they compare to one another.

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