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 | January 10, 2011 5:36 pm

Yesterday morning, I spent some time scouring the internet for visuals which creatively highlight the importance of water. I’ve been trying to think up six or seven different ways that I could approach a fund-raising brochure that I’m working on.

In so doing, I’ve found some wonderful images that provide a slightly different take on water. I enjoyed them so much, I thought that I would post them here.

The Person You Love is 72.8% Water

The first example is part of a promotional book put together by Teagan White, a design student and is based on a quote from Alan Fleischer’s book, “The Art of Looking Sideways.”


This second group is a series of illustrations drawn by Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov. I thought they beautifully understated the importance of water to life, everywhere.  These illustrations, or ones like them, could be used to great effect in a minimalistic brochure.

Note: This posting was originally part of Life, Water, and Propaganda. After some consideration, however, I decided to split it into a new post.  It just didn’t fit with the other very well.