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 | January 11, 2012 4:33 pm

As part of the new year, my wife and I have been organizing our storage room (which we’ve traditionally referred to as the box room). After tidying a bit – which amounted to adding wedding gifts that we’ll be giving to others, organizing the assorted boxes and bags to be used for future gift wrapping, piling up Christmas decorations, shelving the book collections of two rather bookish people, sorting the supplies of someone who is expected to be “crafty” in her spare time,1 and cataloging a collection of stuffed bears spanning some thirty years– the old name no longer seemed to fit. So … we spent a bit of time brainstorming a new name. Here’s what we came up with:

The beautiful and bountiful boutique of books, boxes, bows, bowls, bags, balls, beads, basil, bears, and other beautiful beasties.

or, “the b14box room”, for short.


  1. The modern expectations of women seem rather unfair. Not only are they expected to be intelligent, sophisticated, and ruthlessly competent, but also must excel in all manners of other crafty endeavors. It somehow seems that being a physicist in one’s day job ought to suffice …