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 | August 19, 2010 11:14 pm

Yesterday evening, I gave a presentation to the local Linux User’s Group about how to do research, write, and publish stuff using Linux.  In particular, I tried to provide a detailed summary (oxymoron?) about how many (excellent) open source tools can work together.

I think it went acceptably well.  Which mostly means that there were no death threats and few angry complaints.

Actually, that’s not really true.  Everyone was uniformly wonderful, understanding, helpful and gracious.  People asked great questions and made insightful comments.  It was wonderful a way to spend the evening.

As part of the meeting, I promised that I would share my slides and (rudimentary) speaking notes.  Thus,  as promised, you will find both in the image gallery below.  The speaking notes have been incorporated into the slideshow and can be accessed by clicking on the slide that interests you.

(If you would a PDF version of the slides, you can download those here, sans speaking notes.)

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