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 | September 1, 2010 9:45 pm

Guy Kawasaki - Twitter InundationI know that you’re not supposed to talk about why you stopped following someone on Twitter.  It violates all kinds of codes, memes and principles, both written and unwritten.  Moreover, it’s annoying and petty.

With that said, I’m going to explain why I stopped following @GuyKawasaki.

It had little to do with what he said, or the type of content that he was sharing.  If anything, I found both to be very interesting and valuable.

The reason I stopped listening was due to the volume of stuff that Mr. Kawasaki was posting.  Or, perhaps I should clarify.  It was the amount of stuff that Mr. Kawasaki and the other authors of his website (AllTop.com) were posting.  As you can see from the Twitter feed at left, it’s not uncommon for @GuyKawasaki’s tweets to outnumber everyone else in my list by a significant margin.

It simply got to be too much, and I would skip nearly all of it.  Especially since @GuyKawasaki often repeats himself.

(In the feed at left, the”Tea Party” tweet appears twice within a minute.  I was able to find it a couple of additional times as well.)

But because I would skip @GuyKawasaki’s posts, I would also find myself skipping the notes of other people as well.  They would get lost in the smiling sea of orange.  This has resulted in lost articles and other content that I wanted to review.

So, I’ve decided to drop him, which I consider a shame.  He writes interesting stuff and has an engaging personality.  He’s done awesome shit and is generally the sort of person I’d like to have at a dinner party (my litmus test for whether I follow someone).

But even so, the volume of tweets has started to detract from the human aspect of Twitter.  One of the things that I really like about the service is the knowledge (or at least the belief) that there is a real person on the other end of the keyboard.  In the case of @GuyKawasaki, I no longer feel that way.

In many ways, I’m starting to feel like I’m hooked up to a spam generator (albeit a particularly intelligent one).  As a result, I’ve decided to unplug.